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Jacques Féreol Mazas: Etudes speciales op.36/ 1 with the second violin part composed by Josef Micka

J.F.Mazas - J.Micka: Études spéciales op. 36/1

About project

Since being composed, the famous ETUDES op.36/1 composed by French composer, violinist and teacher JAQUES FEREOL MAZAS (1782 - 1849) continue to be important part in many violinists education. Their delightful melody, even in ETUDES which are of mainly technical importance, supports the development of a musical feeling for young musicians.

In the second half of the 20th century, professor at PRAGUE CONSERVATOIRE JOSEF MICKA (1903 – 1993), composed a second violin part for these Etudes.
Their indisputable MUSICAL quality provide apart from joyful chamber music making also full concert use.
World-acclaimed VIOLINIST JOSEF SUK took his personal auspices above the whole project.

We are delighted to present this publication to the wide public. It contents score, individual parts and complete RECORDING on two CD’s in interpretation of VIOLINISTS JOSEF SUK, ONDREJ LEBR, MARKETA JANOUSKOVA, MARIE MATLOVA, LENKA MATEJAKOVA AND JAN MRACEK.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of this material, will be be donated to the o.s.Centre for All - - which looks after disabled children and is under auspices of ONDREJ LEBR.

About the project

French composer and violin virtuoso JAQUES FEREOL MAZAS (1782 Lavour – 1849 Beziers) was a VIOLIN STUDENT of professor BAILLOT, a renowed pedagogue at the PARIS CONSERVATOIRE, where at the age of 23, MAZAS obtained the highest award at this prominent school – PREMIER PRIX. Shortly after, he enjoyed enormous success at the performance of VIOTTI’S VIOLIN CONCERTOS in ODEON, Paris. In front of sell-out halls, the young virtuoso repeatedly performed another VIOLIN CONCERTO, composed specially for him by his significant contemporary DANIEL ESPRIT AUBER.

MAZAS successfully gave concerts in virtually all Europe, he charmed audiences in Spain, England, Holland and Belgium; several years later, he received a warm applause at his concert tour in Italy, Germany and Russia.

From all his compositions ( L’ECOLE DU VIOLINISTE, VIOLIN CONCERTO, DUETS, FANTASIES, COMIC OPERA KIOSK) it is especially his ETUDES OP.36/1,
which have remained for its most popular didactic purpose.

In the second half of the 20th century, professor at PRAGUE CONSERVATOIRE and a prominent CZECH VIOLIN TUTOR PhDR. JOSEF MICKA (1903 – 1993) composed the second violin part for MAZAS’ ETUDES. This version of the etudes was never published. Autograph of the second part remained in Micka’s inheritance.
In 2007, his grandson, the VIOLINIST MgA. ONDREJ LEBR decided to fulfill Micka’s intention and prepare the etudes for publishing in his own revision.
On the PEDAGOGICAL level, MAZAS’ ETUDES with the composed second violin part enable an intense artistic and personal contact with the student and provide the opportunity to develop and participate actively in the style of phrasing, the choice of tempo, harmony and agogics.
The tutor thus becomes the student’s senior colleague and partner.
As regards CONCERTS, the etudes represent a rarely consistent work, which is, owing to the wide scale of technical and expression complexity, destined for a broad range of VIOLINISTS. Due to its indisputable musical quality, this two-part version of MAZAS’ ETUDES provides not only a pure joy of CHAMBER MUSIC making, but is also perfectly suitable for CONCERT use.

Josef Micka (1903 – 1993) ranks among the outstanding personalities of CZECH VIOLIN EDUCATION.

After graduation from the secondary school, he continued his music studies at the PRAGUE CONSERVATOIRE IN THE CLASS OF PROFESSOR JINDRICH BASTAR. He was an excellent SOLOIST, but from the very beginning he largely gave himself to the CHAMBER MUSIC as well. In the 1920’s, he founded a very successful quartet together with his schoolmates. After the graduation from the PRAGUE CONSERVATOIRE, Josef Micka gained a scholarship of the Czech government which allowed him to continue studying for one year at the ECOLE DE MUSIQUE IN PARIS, in the class of professor JACQUES THIBAUD. This stay was equally inspiring for MICKA’S pedagogic activities, which gradually became his mane focus. In spite of his TEACHING and CONCERTS GIVING extensively, before the Second World War, he also managed to complete studies of musicology and psychology at the CHARLES UNIVERSITY.

In 1939, Micka became a professor at PRAGUE CONSERVATOIRE and until 1945, he was concurrently a member of the CZECH PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA. In 1946, he started teaching at the ACADEMY OF MUSIC IN PRAGUE; however, two years later he was expelled for his critical approach to the political administration of the period. Despite his effort to resume his teaching career and favorable testimonials from some of the ACADEMY professors, he was not permitted to return even after 1969.

JOSEF MICKA educated a number of SOLOISTS AND CHAMBER MUSICIANS. Among his greatest successes are three ensembles which became famous both at home and abroad – SMETANA, TALICH AND PANOCHA QUARTETS.
JOSEF MICKA is also the author of many books and articles on the subject of the VIOLIN play; the most famous and significant are THE VIOLIN PLAY and THE SCHOOL OF VIOLIN PLAY FOR BEGINNERS, which he elaborated with his daughter MAGDALENA MICKOVA.


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Jacques Féreol Mazas: Etudes speciales op.36/ 1 with the second violin part composed by Josef Micka
(Score with preface, 1st and 2nd violin part, complete recording on 2 CD´s, booklet)

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