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Debut CD of Lukáš Klánský

Debut CD of Lukáš Klánský

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For his CD DEBUT LUKAS KLANSKY (1989) chose three masterpieces from BAROQUE,CLASSICISM AND ROMANTICISM. In his interpretation you can listen to two Preludes and Fugues from the Bach‘s epochal collection of WELL-TEMPERED CLAVIER, A major Sonata op.2 no. 2 from LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN and also FRYDERYK CHOPIN‘S BALLADE in A FLAT MAJOR,OP.47, BARCAROLLE in F SHARP MAJOR,OP.60 and ANDANTE SPIANATO WITH GRANDE POLONAISE in E FLAT MAJOR OP.22.

LUKAS KLANSKY is regarded as one of the most distinctive Czech PIANISTS of his GENERATION.

His father, IVAN KLANSKY, one of the Czech Republic’s leading performers and teachers of the PIANO, is a great example to him. LUKAS began to play the PIANO at the age of five and soon he began appearing in CONCERT HALLS and competition venues. In May 1997 he won the nationwide COMPETITION PRAGUE JUNIOR NOTE in his age category, thus embarking on a series of victories at domestic and international COMPETITIONS. LUKAS KLANSKY’S most important competition successes as a soloist include his victory at the EPTA INTERNATIONAL PIANO COMPETITION IN BELGIUM in 2002 and, a year later, another top award in AGROPOLI, ITALY.
During his studies he won the CONSERVATOIRE competition on two occasions – in 2004 and 2007; that same year he added to his international triumphs, winning the “KARL DRECHSEL FORDERPREIS” IN NURENBERG and the “BEETHOVEN’S HRADEC” COMPETITION in Hradec nad MoravicI.

Up until the age of fifteen he was taught by PROF. RUZENA UCNOVA at the PRAGUE CITY MUSIC SCHOOL and was then accepted to study at the PRAGUE CONSERVATOIRE under EVA BOGUNIOVA.

At the age of nine, on his own initiative, he began studying the RUDIMENTS OF COMPOSITION under PROF.VLADIMIR TICHY and he was also lured by CONDUCTING, which he is currently studying as his second subject at the PRAGUE CONSERVATOIRE under PROF.HYNEK FARKAC.
Since the age of eight he has performed over 450 CONCERTS and has appeared before audiences in the Czech Republic and abroad in PIANO RECITALS, ORCHESTRAL CONCERTS AND AS A CHAMBER MUSICIAN.

He has given a series of CONCERTS outside the country – he regularly returns to the BÖSENDORFER SALON in Vienna and appears in concert in PARIS and other FRENCH cities, also in BELGIUM, POLAND, IRELAND and GREAT BRITAIN.

With his convincing interpretation, cultivated sound and chosen recital programmes, LUKAS KLANSKY has gained well-deserved respect among MUSIC PROFESSIONALS, TEACHERS and music critics alike.


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